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This is a true story of South Africa's unwanted children.

No names have been changed to protect those involved. The events in this book have been recorded as honestly and as accurately as I can manage. These events led to huge frustration and anger. The occasional use of strong language is an honest reflection of that frustration and anger. Dianne Lang is a Human Rights Activist for children who worked extensively with abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned children in South Africa. Her bold dedication to the freedom of the children in South Africa has made her a target of political torture and extreme human rights abuses. In her own words she says, “This book had to be written because the terrible failings of the system had to be exposed and because I needed a catharsis relevant to the lives and deaths of these deeply hurt and innocent children”. This book will offer little comfort in the stories that I have recorded and remembered; there is sadly much for the beloved country to cry!

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FREEDOM FOR YOUR SOUL is an inspiring guide to becoming a
happy and contented being. The Quest for the Truth gives
insightful ways in which to discover your true spiritual nature
and achieve greater awareness, authenticity and inner peace.
Whilst readily acknowledging the part that medical science and
psychology plays in achieving and maintaining mental health,
she also knows that without the integration of the soul into our
everyday life, the pursuit of happiness and abundance becomes
almost impossible.
Dianne Lang was born and raised in the Transkei. A post-
graduate of University of South Africa, she opened a highly
successful health clinic in Port Elizabeth before becoming an
international inspirational speaker. As a human rights activist,
she has touched the lives of thousands through her
extraordinary ability to communicate spiritual issues that
are close to the heart of all.

Some stories are too true to tell...this is one of them.

An easy to understand, easy to apply self-help book to take you to a more satisfying, contented and happy life.

A photo journal and description of the customs of the Ama-Xhosa, the largest tribe in South Africa. 
Please note: All proceeds go to rural development in the Transkei

Dianne is one of the most prolific and outspoken Human Rights Activists in South Africa today, and has been the recipient of no less than 6 Humanitarian Awards including  the  “Clarins Eau Dynamisante Woman of the Year 2004 “, Top 100 women of SA award 2005,  and the coveted South African  Hero Award 2006.
Just like Africa itself, Dianne is a study in contrasts. Armed with an Honour’s degree in Psychology, a BA in Philosophy and Psychology, Dianne is also a Sangoma, an African Shaman as well as an alternative healer, having studied many different healing modalities including Acupuncture and Reiki.
Dianne Lang is the author of “Saving Mandela’s Children’, a true and harrowing account of events that transpired during two of the most traumatic and invigorating years of her life. It started when three very ill young black African children were left on her doorstep, dying of AIDS and in great need of food, shelter and love. It ended with Dianne fleeing for her life, turning to England for exile.
 These are some of the photographs she took during her years of caring for abandoned, neglected and abused children. 

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